Sunday, October 15, 2017

September 2017 Quill

September Eagle's Quill newsletter

1. We still volunteers for "Pumpkin Land" day at Linvilla Oct 21st & 22nd. We need carvers and
volunteers to hand out flyers! We have a chance to introduce the club to 1000s of people!!

2. The 34th annual William Rush Wood Carvers show is Nov 11th & 12th
    A. We need volunteers for all functions (set up, signs, raffle, marketing, show booklet advertising,
clean up)
    B. Start bringing in your Christmas tree ornaments & door prizes. If you need ornaments see Greg Merk.
    C. If you are getting a table at the show send your application in or give it to John Chacosky ASAP
    D. Start talking up and telling everyone about the upcoming show. If you need flyers, signs, or other show info please let us know. Also all the show information is on our WEB Site, Face Book Page, Instagram. Check these sites out as we will be adding more info and Face Book ads for the show.

3. It is everyone's job and responsibility to tell (talk, email, facebook posting, flyer, other social forms, meetings) at least 10 people per day.

4. A longtime member of the club, Paul Jefferies passed away on September 30th. His carvings won awards and he was featured in museums and magazines over the years.