Saturday, January 27, 2018

 William Rush Quill January 2018
This Month’s Meeting is the 15th 7:30 pm at Penn State
We will be continuing to discuss planning for our show and what carving classes or projects we would
like to do this year. We have access to some great teachers; we just need to find out interest!
We have been offered a table at the Del Val and the Lancaster show. If we want to have a table we need
volunteers to man the tables.
Show questions:
1. The show committee is looking for suggestions on how to improve attendance to the show. The
objective is to get 300 to 500 more people attending show to cover increased show expenses.
2. The Raffle committee is looking for suggestions on how we can improve on raffle sales. The objective
is to improve raffle ticket sales by $500
3. The show committee is looking for suggestions for exhibitor diversity with the intention of improving
customer attendance. Examples: do we add more art & craft exhibitors? Wood working tools? wild life
painters? All non traditional exhibitors would be approved by the show committee. Lets us know your
suggestions and feeling about this question.
4. How do we get more club members involved / club officers / volunteers in the show and other club
Please email or send your suggestions to a Show committee member or club officer
Reminder, dues are due for this year!

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